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"One only sees what one looks for, one only looks for what one knows." - Goethe

"I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better." - Maya Angelou

Pragmatic Spirituality


Now is an opportunity for a radical new beginning, a departure from business as usual. This is a photo of the solar eclipse on March 20, 2015 taken in Hamburg, Germany by my dear friend Dr. Gunnar Lindstroem. Remarkably, this potent eclipse coincided with the Vernal Equinox, the first day of Spring, on the last degree of the last sign of the zodiac, 29 degrees Pisces. The Spring Equinox is defined as the moment when the sun enters 1 degree Aries, the first degree of the first sign of the zodiac. One door closes, another opens. That is what this time represents, personally and globally.

Both eclipses and equinoxes are moments when the boundary between personal and public are blurred. Our private actions have more public import and visa versa. In addition, at this moment, there is abundant cosmic energy available for personal and collective transformation.

We find ourselves at a unique turning point in human history, where we will either wake up to the immediate necessity to modify the consumptive practices driving climate change, or suffer an “eco-apocalypse”. This is a link to a piece by National Geographic in December 2014 about the warming of the seas, which is accelerating the melting of Antarctic ice at a pace which far exceeds forecasted worst case scenarios. “As warm ocean water rises up to melt them, glaciers around the Amundsen Sea are losing half a Mount Everest a year.” Here is another recent piece by Robert Scribbler, environmental and social justice activist, concerning the same issue.

Many feel completely helpless and paralyzed in the face of the enormity of the planetary crisis that we are facing. There is understandably an impulse to deny the immanent catastrophe because it feels like there is so little individually that we can do that will make any difference.

A pragmatic and relieving solution is provided by a funny collection of spiritual lessons and tales, called “Outrageous Openness”, Letting the Divine Take the Lead, by astrologer Tosha Silver.  This book is filled with every day wisdom and instruction for “fresh and vivid ways” to align ourselves with Divine Order, to solve problems that are simply too overwhelming and confounding for us to manage alone. Her approach is not about sitting back passively and waiting for God to rescue us. To the contrary, she enjoins us to regularly practice inviting Divine Guidance, and then to let go and open ourselves to the inspired response, which will inform our path.

Here is a quote from chapter two of Outrageous Openness, “Shopping with God.”

“When I was in ninth grade my friends and I played a certain game for months on end. No matter what someone said we just added the words “during sex.” Such as, “She loves to eat anchovy pizza (during sex). or, “He always forgets to do his math homework (during sex.)” For whatever reason, this never failed to send us into gales of hysteria. 

But then we were fourteen.

Now I find myself in a new version. Have you noticed how some people will rush to discourage a certain goal? Or at least to let you know how futile, exhausting, or expensive your attempt will be before you even start? 

So in my revised game, I always take their words and add “without God.” 

As in, “Its imposible to find the right job in this economy (without God)” Or, “You’ll never be able to find parking there (without God)”

I can’t tell you how well this works.”

I would add, “It’s impossible to think about restoring the planet and averting ecological catastrophe, or healing your auto-immune condition (without God).”

Don’t let the God terminology turn you off. You could as easily substitute, “your Higher Self,” or the Force of Love, or Spirit.

I believe that there is a deep hunger and need in many of us for this approach. I have recommended Tosha Silver’s work to my patients, and many have found the practices she recommends very helpful. She gives us both permission and encourages us to invite the Divine to show us the way. Inviting Divine guidance is something that is unfamiliar in this culture that valorizes pulling yourself up by your bootstraps. Many feel shy and awkward asking for Divine assistance, but there is a secret longing and need, both for our own good and the highest good of the planet.

Here is a YouTube video of Tosha Silver lecturing at a Google Mind/Body conference, which will give you a flavor of the woman and her work:






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